Stefan Goethals


Hogeweg 26

8200 Brugge


Mobile: +32-473-888 117

Personal Details

Date of birth: 10th of January, 1967

Place of birth: Brugge, Belgium

Citizenship: Belgian


  • devops

  • Ruby

  • Linux

  • Puppet

  • Teamwork


Working Experience


09/2015 VRT - Linux system administrator
  • Internal Webfarm configuration

  • AWS Cloud setup and management

  • Configuration management / Puppet


06/2011—08/2015 Super-Visions - Senior Linux software engineer

Super-Visions specialises in monitoring solutions for medium, large businesses & enterprises.

  • Monitoring system integrations with reporting and root cause analysis

  • Configuration management automation design and implementation

  • Monitoring customisation to comply with customer requirements: writing and maintaining custom monitors/integrations.

  • Puppet design, implementation and administration

    • At Mobistar NV/SA (part of France Telecom)

    • At BNP Paribas CIB Paris

    • L3 support for Puppet for other Super-Visions engineers at other customers

Use It Group

01/2011—06/2011 Use It Group - Linux System engineer

Use It Group develops software for the building sector.

  • Set up and configure Cloud Compute Linux server instances on Amazon EC2

  • Provide centralised and consistent Linux server management

  • Convert internal and external PHP websites/services to fully MVC based CMS enabled sites with Zend Framework

  • Administer and install PostgreSQL database service on Linux

Trimble Transport and Logistics

04/2007—01/2011 Trimble Transport and Logistics, Formerly Punch Telematix Ieper - Linux System engineer

Trimble Transport and Logistics is a total solutions provider in remote fleet and asset management.

At TrimbleTL my responsibilities include

  • Setup and maintain the Puppet configuration management production and test environment.

  • Architect, administer and manage about 50 Linux servers.

  • Write and maintain Puppet configuration management recipes.

  • Administer and maintain the J2EE / Jboss application cluster on Linux

  • install and administer hardware

    • IBM Bladecenter H

    • IBM SAN DS4800 and DS5100

    • IBM Tapelibrary TS3200

    • Dell and HP rackmount servers

  • Test, debug and install new versions of the Java application.

  • Administer the DMZ and Private network and MySQL database servers on Linux.

  • Update and maintain PHP and Perl websites and utility scripts.


02/2006—03/2007 Westsite Brugge - Perl Web Developer

Westsite is a small but well established website building firm, Located in Brugge.

At Westsite I was Developing the Perl scripting for interactive, database driven, websites on Linux servers.

Where possible, I attempt to :

  • Write fully validating XHTML 1.1 code.

  • Write clean, efficient and easy to understand Perl code.

  • Use technologies like DOM scripting and AJAX in an unobtrusive way.

  • Document my code sufficiently


10/2003—02/2006 Aramiska Liedekerke - Customer Support Level 2 Team leader

Aramiska was Europe’s leading satellite broadband provider for businesses.

I was hired as Level 2 Linux system analyst but got promoted to Team leader as of 01/2004.

On Aug 24 2004 I received the additional responsibility of IT Administrator.

From Dec 2004 i switched full time to IT Administrator.

Aramiska went bankrupt in February 2006.

  • IT Administrator job description

    • Maintaining all internal Linux server. Installation, configuration, update and security maintenance.

    • Manage and support user base

    • Manage remote access, VPN’s and network connectivity for 2 remote locations (UK & NL)

  • CS L2 Teamleader job description

    • Maintaining all internal Linux and HP-UX servers in my responsibility of IT Administrator.

      Installation, configuration, update and security maintenance.

    • Supporting L1 : Maintaining and improving Level 1 troubleshooting procedures.

      Preparing and organising training of Level 1 analysts.

    • Incident management : Troubleshoot tickets escalated by Level 1 and resolve them within SLA.

    • Problem management : Match similar incidents and recognise them as general problems to be resolved by the NOC or Engineering departement.

    • Key Account Support : Provide first line support to large accounts.

    • Sales Support : Support the Sales organisation with technical expertise in large sales projects.

    • Maintenance of CareNet : Maintain and update the help website for customers and internal Customer Support analysts.


09/2001—07/2003 Adept nv Wevelgem - Linux System Engineer

Adept is a System integrator & Services firm with a strong focus on security and high availability in Unix.

Adept stopped all operations and laid off all employees.

In this firm I performed the following tasks

  • Install Linux and other servers, secure them for safe internet connection and perform administration and maintenance tasks to keep the servers up to date.

  • Developing cross-platform web-based CRM applications with PHP and Perl-CGI on Apache and MySQL.

  • Set up, configure and maintain hardware and software firewalls on Linux, Checkpoint, SonicWall, Netscreen, …

  • Install configure and maintain internet and intranet DNS servers with BIND on Linux, hardware devices, and, on the intranet side make DNS interact with DHCP server.

  • Design and/or configure emergency recovery and backup systems, useable via network to take daily backups of servers and workstations and create complete images of these to be restored when needed. This is done with tar, partimage, amanda, tapeware or the available, ideal for the job, software.

  • Configuring, installing and maintaining Apache - PHP - MySQL servers in combination with SSL (OpenSSL) to provide secure data driven dynamic websites.

  • Design assembly and implementation of a CD-bootable linux system to create backups of systems, do maintenance tasks and possibly debugging of hardware and network problems. Building on this system, I developed a Linux server distribution allowing installation in under 20 minutes. Administration is done via a Perl-CGI web interface and all configuration settings are stored in a MySQL database. From thes settings a complete configuration is created. These settings can be saved in an external format which allows complete disaster recovery of the server within 30 minutes.


08/2000—08/2001 Brugge - Part time Independant Web developer and Network technician. is a company to provide server, network and client services and hardware to SME’s in the Brugge region. provides following services.

  • Web development and hosting with Apache, PHP, MySQL, …

  • Server installations, mainly on Linux platform, for small intranets. These include firewall setup, relaying mailserver, samba file and print sharing and internet access.

  • Hardware sales and maintenance for SME’s and private persons.


08/2000—08/2001 B.A.E.B bvba Brugge - Administrative clerk.

ABO Service

08/1996—07/2000 ABO Service Sijsele - Programmer, Network technician.

Abo-Service is a company based around bookkeeping program made by the owner. It also provides computer services for the clients who use that program. In 2000 Abo Service opened a computer shop. Abo is a Microsoft-oriented firm. My tasks at Abo Service were

  • Programming a complete shop-management program, containing client list, stocklist, supplier list and generation of all the necessary sales-documents.

  • Programming a product catalog, provided on cd, with an image catalog, updatable price list and possibility to place orders via modem.

  • Programming a price-information and ordering program for an wholesale firm of electrical appliances. the program offered the possibility to have a constantly updated article and price list on the pc in the shops. It contained data about +/- 15.000 articles wich could be ordered via modem communication. This program was used by over 180 shops in Belgium.

  • Assembling, maintaining and repairing pc’s

  • Network installations and maintenance of network in SME’s and in our own offices.

  • Installation and maintenance of our own Backoffice server.

  • Designing web-pages.


1993—10/1995 BAV Oostende - Teamleader Building sector
1992—1993 Pizza-Line Brugge - Distribution Foodsector
1990—1992 Kunstbronsgieterij Degroeve Hansbeke - Bronzefinishing
1989—1990 LC Forwarding Zeebrugge - Driver International transport
1988—1989 Several Interim jobs


Puppet Developer Training

November 6-8, 2012, London, UK

Advanced Puppet Training

March 12-14, 2013, London, UK


Operating Systems

GNU/Linux Extensive experience.
  • Debian

  • Red Hat

  • CentOS

  • SLES / OpenSuSE

  • Slackware

Mac OS X

Servers & daemons

  • Apache / Tomcat

  • jBoss

  • Postfix

  • Courier-IMAP

  • Cyrus IMAPd

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

Technologies & Protocols

  • Puppet Systems Management / MCollective

  • Version control (git, svn)

  • General networking (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP/S, SMTP, FTP, SSH, tunneling, routing, switching…)

  • Monitoring (Systems, networking, applications, databases, security)

  • SNMP

  • NAT, Stateful firewall


  • Imap(s) / pop

  • High Availability / Load Balancing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Virtualisation: VMWare, Docker, Virtualbox, AWS, Xen Linux

  • Vagrant

  • ETL - Pentaho Data Integration


  • Ruby

  • Python

  • Perl

  • html / css

  • PHP

  • Bash

  • SQL


1987 Diploma Architectural drawing, High school, Stedelijke Academie Brugge

Language Knowledge

  • Dutch native

  • French near native

  • English near native

  • German spoken

Driver license

  • CE


These persons are familiar with my professional qualifications and my character:

  • Dimitri Vanoverbeke

    MySQL Consultant - Percona

    Phone: ‭+32-475-540-423‬

  • Kenny Gryp

    MySQL Consultant - Oracle

    Phone: +32-476-780-692

  • Frederic Descamps

    MySQL Coommunity manager - Oracle

    Phone: +32-495-698-668

  • Pascal Geenens

    Juniper Networks